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Jordan High School

Mr. Charon-U.S. Government & Citizenship

Course Statement

The purposes of the course are to:

Course Grading

Grading will be divided into the following sections:


Quizzes (20-50pts each) will be given at the BEGINNING OF THE CLASS PERIOD on days following a homework reading assigned from the student text. The content of the quizzes will cover information from a reading assignment and/or information presented in class.
Exams (60-100pts) will be given at varying intervals thoughout the course and will cover information from the text and in-class presentations. Exams will be announced several days in advance so that students may have adequate time to prepare for them.

To take a quiz or an exam a student must be present in class! Students who are tardy will begin the quiz or exam immediately after checking in with Mr. Charon, however, he/she may not have sufficient time to complete the test. Students who are excused by the school administration will be able to make up the test at a later date for full credit. Students who sluff class will not be allowed a make-up! Students who miss for other reasons will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Several segments of the class are interactive allowing students the opportunity to LIVE the curriculum being studied. It is a fact that students obtain a much better understanding of the U.S. court system, government process, and the pressures put on U.S. and world leaders-to accomplish goals and maintain a positive working relationship with others and/or world peace-by acting out such events. More learning is achieved through simulation than could ever hope to be achieved by any other teaching method.

The simulation segments of the class are the culmination of study for most units in the course and the largest part of the grade is calculated according to student participation. Failure to take part in such activities may result in a marked lowering of the grade not to mention a lack of understanding the importance of the course content.

Projects and Assignments

Projects and Assignments wil be on a variety of topics and will require the majority of work to be performed in the classroom. Content expectations and grading procedures for each project or assignment will be discussed in class before students begin working.


Each student will be given reading assignments and written work periodically to do at home. In most instances assignments will be due the following day. On occasion a quiz will be given which will contain questions based on the activity studied the previous evening.


Attendance Policy:
It is important to attend regularly and be on time to succeed in the class! Tardies and unexcused absences will affect the grade.

A “quiz” may be given sporadically immediately following the tardy bell. Students who are on time for the “quiz” may receive up to +10 pts. Tardy or absent students may receive a grade of zero.

*NOTE: Students with Unexcused Absences (an "A" on PowerSchool) may receive a score of "0". Also all elements of the Jordan High School Attendance Policy will be enforced in class!

Electronic Devices

Inappropriate use of any electronic device by students is grounds for immediate confiscation and may be given to an administrator with a loss of 10pts. per infraction. Points may be regained through completion of special assignments. Parent notification of the problem will result.

Make-up Work

All assignments/tests/etc. for the course will be listed on PowerSchool. Descriptions for each item will be included (such information may be accessed by clicking on the assignment/test/etc). Students will have until Friday of the week following the original due date to complete the work for credit after which time students will NOT be allowed make-up. Students who are absent the day work is assigned AND who are excused by the school administration will be able to make up the work for full credit. Students have the option to e-mail work to Mr. Charon at: brad.charon@jordan.k12.ut.us.

Extra Credit

Options for extra credit work will be presented to students throughout each term. The options will be listed on the Class Website and on PowerSchool with instructions. Any student choosing to do extra credit work MUST have ALL of his/her required work completed or the extra credit items WILL NOT count toward the final grade!


Each student will be provided with a textbook to use during the course (as well as an optional online version). Each textbook number will be recorded on the book itself and on the PowerSchool Program under "Teacher Comments" . The student is responsible for the textbook received. Fines will be assessed and charged to the student if the textbook is returned in a damaged condition. Lost or stolen textbooks must be paid for by the student (textbook replacement cost is $60.00).


1. The New York Times, Washington Post, or USA Today
2. The Deseret Morning News and Salt Lake Tribune

Course Grading Procedure

The grading scale is as follows:

93-100% ................ A

90-92% .................. A-

87-89% .................. B+

84-86% .................. B

80-83% .................. B-

77-79% .................. C+  

73-76% .................... C

69-72% .................... C-

65-68% .................... D+

61-64% .................... D

58-60% .................... D-

Below 58% .............. F

includes, but is not limited to:
* copying another student's homework;
* working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually;
* looking at or copying another student's test or quiz answers;
* allowing other students to look at or copy answers from your test or quiz;
* using any other method to get/receive test or quiz answers;
* taking a test or quiz in part or in whole to use or to give to others;
* copying information from a source without proper attribution;
* taking papers from other students, publications, or the Internet;
* quoting more than the lawful amount of work from another source;
* not citing resources used in written works.
Students found plagiarizing will be disciplined on a case-by-case basis depending on the seriousness of the violation, prior violations, and other factors. Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to redoing assignments/retaking tests, receiving a failing grade on the project/test, receiving a lower overall grade in the class, detention, or administrative action.

Parents/Guardians may be contacted on occasion to notify them of their student's classroom behaviors.

Class Web Site

Information necessary to keep students up-to-date concerning class activities and student grading will be available through the Class Website, ie: varied assignment due dates, video permission slips, and sources for addtional information concerning subjects covered in the classroom. From time to time assignments will be given to students (both required and extra credit) that will be centered around specific information found at the website with an option to e-mail work to Mr. Charon. Students may access the Class Website at the school library or at any public library if an internet connection is not readily available in the home.

The website addresses are:
  • http://www.mrcharon.net
  • http://www.jhs.jordan.k12.ut.us/faculty/bcharon

  • *Note: Topics not addressed in this disclosure will be handled on an individual basis.
    Please feel free to contact Mr. Charon by phone, in person or by "e-mail".

    U.S. Government & Citizenship
    Mr. Charon
    Disclosure Signatures/E-mail Information

    Please sign below and return the paper to Mr. Charon:

    (*Please note that Parent and Student signatures include consent to participate in all simulation activities):


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    Group Work:
    At times students will check and review the work of others, however, the final grades on all assignments will be determined and entered into the PowerSchool grade program by Mr. Charon only. Parents/guardians who have concerns with such options may contact Mr. Charon.

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